A Business Entrepreneur to Help You Defy Conformity 

In 2007, I recognized a feeling pulling at my heart.  I was consistently restless and bored; almost like I was trapped.   Something was missing and the typical business model just wasn’t cutting it.  I found myself passionately curious about what’s next, what wouldn’t confine me to the normal 9 to 5.

Was there something “out there” that allowed me to live better AND explore the world?  Were there valuable, modern business models that cultivate and amplify freedom?

Brave Your Life’s Work or Else.

From the moment I joined the workforce, my independent spirit and “entrepreneurial experiments” were frowned upon. Despite still moving up “the ladder” quickly, my ambition was consistently limited by dull gray walls, rules, and guidelines. Afraid to leap (for many reasons, some not my own) I stayed, spending years putting everything I had into my work, to the detriment of my relationships, sanity, and health.

The burnout and early signs of depression sent me in a career tailspin. At rock bottom, I was broke (5 figure financial debt), living in a friend’s grandmother’s trailer home and talking the repo-man out of towing my car.  My heart was seeking more…I had a vision of independence, creativity, and impact.  I became an Entrepreneur.

The Quest For More Meaning and Impact.

Today, after braving the unknown, picking myself up (more than once) and taking the necessary risks, I’m able to experience life AND work in all its glory – every day building my lasting legacy.  The exciting part…it’s available for anyone.

If you’re craving to go someplace different.  If you’re ready to let your heart outside the box.  If you’re yearning for more freedom.  Then I know the perfect way to craft your dreams, live on your own terms and change the world in a special way.

Hello, I’m Brandon Sobotka.  My favorite adventure is being a devoted husband and father.  The rest of the time I’m making an impact as the Founder of the Integrity Entrepreneur Institute, the only no hype, no bull unapologetically honest program for awakening your business.  I’m also Brand Strategist, Business Coach, Speaker and Writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project.  I use my 15 years of experience as a trainer, speaker, coach, consultant, marketer, entrepreneur & executive, to help you:

  • Brave Your Life’s Work…clearly, confidently and courageously do what you love so you can enjoy what matters most.
  • Amplify Your Authority…know and win the hearts of your ideal customers while building a loyal community of raving fans and repeat customers.
  • Create Impact…discover valuable solutions and make products, services, and an unforgettable brand.
  • Support, improve and transform your life, your business, and the world.

Explore Being A Business Entrepreneur:

Do you want to be able to do work from anywhere, make money doing what you love and enjoy lifestyle of more freedom and family time? It’s possible. And I’m here to help you begin. I’m here to help you stand out. And I’m here to show you best way to make profits while living your purpose.

Right here, I bring you an Entrepreneur Community with relevant content about what’s working right now in entrepreneurship.

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What you can expect?

It’s not (just) about traffic.
It’s not (just) about lead generation.
It’s not (just) about blogging, marketing or conversion.

Today, the market is bigger, it changes faster and the competition is steep. You need to understand all facets of the effective business entrepreneur…branding, leadership, productivity, product development, marketing, etc. Don’t worry I’ll cover it…for free. You can start learning today by clicking above.

If you’re interested in working with me, please click here.  You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  My trailblazing clients include:

  • Entrepreneurs and Micro-businesses
  • Executives
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Writers and Bloggers
  • Speakers and Trainers
  • Service professionals


Team & Advisory

Our leaders, employees, and partners join us because of WHY we do what we do, who we are and where we are going. Our network of professionals are dedicated to impacting and guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs, enriching their lives and careers.

  • Bill Mugavin: Strategic Planning Advisor
  • Laynie Kelly: Marketing Advisor
  • Adam Hill: Legal Advisor
Brandon is an amazing person. He has the ability to coach in a way that gives you the confidence that you can achieve anything. He truly is living his vision of reaching great people to make great change. His ideas are endless. I asked Brandon to help me grow my business, he sees my passion and my desire to succeed and capitalizes on it. He coaches to individuals’ strengths. He has helped me with marketing techniques and has also given me guidance in assessing and training clients. I can’t get enough of his knowledge. I know, without a doubt, with his continued guidance, I will no doubt increase my client base; not only because I’m better, but because I BELIEVE I’m a better trainer. To instill confidence in others is truly a gift!.
Mary Beth D. Founder Live It Fitness