Coaching and Consulting

 Don’t Grow Your Business Alone

Coaching and Consulting

 “I get inspired just talking to Brandon. There are only a few people like that. I get fired up and want to DO something, plan something. When I talk to him I remember that I am talented with the power to do more than the average person.  Brandon has motivated me to reach farther, to ask questions, to admit weaknesses, to face challenges, to sacrifice…All while maintaining the root values of the company and doing something we all tend to forget-valuing myself as the business owner to earn the income I deserve.”

Laura Clark, National Director Ms. International

Grow Your Business with Coaching and Consulting

For over 15 years I’ve believed in living what I love.  No matter what obstacles, doubt or doubters, time or money, fear or insecurity, and haters or negative self-talk, I was committed to creating a life that inspires others and ignites a blazing fire inside me.  And do work that contributes to a greater good, cultivates meaningful possibilities, solves the toughest problems, and fulfills my desire for freedom.

Scared and unsure, I took a courageous leap, crashed and burned and questioned if I was cut out for this. The enlightening truth…there is nothing more rewarding than living on purpose, waking up with fire and fulfilling your truest ambitions.  The results have been soul-awakening and life-changing.  I have overcome my inner demons, paid off over $70,000 of debt, quit my uninspiring day job and have built a growing, sustainable business that I can run from anywhere.

I’ve walked, scratched and crawled the very mountains you’re facing.  I know the emotional endurance, confidence and resilience it takes to grow your business and I want to help.  Collaborative coaching is designed to help empower you to fulfill your desired results.  My primary goal is help you get what you want.

What You Can Expect From Me

  • Honest, straight communication.  I will call your attention to patterns, habits, mindsets or actions that do not serve your goal or purpose.  I’ll also be respectful, understanding and encouraging in the process.  Consistent improvement is key.
  • Clear direction and recommendations. I’ll also respect your decision to choose differently or collaborate for other options.  We are working together.
  • Challenge you and explore possibilities.  We’ll investigate how you can excel personally and professionally no matter the barriers.  I’ll also push you to find or connect to a deeper meaning; barriers are broken here.  Only you know your threshold and it’s important to “walk the line”.
  • Provide next steps and accountability. You can always ask to slow down, speed up or for deeper learning if you so choose.  Progress, success and sustainability come with mastery along with staying the course.
  • Prepared and focused.  I’m committed to your success.  Consistently communicating your truest wants and needs will accelerate results.
  • Quick response time. I shoot to respond to every e-mail within 24 hours.  I’ll respond ASAP to any urgent request.

What I Expect From You

  • Commitment and drive. I know you’ll probably have questions, concerns, and even fears, but sticking to fulfilling each task and while remembering the purpose of the process and your intent is vital to winning.
  • An open mind and flexible thinking.  Resistance to new and different ideas is normal.  Trust your instincts for what is right for you, but be open to considering new theories or paradigms I offer before you discard it.
  • Mind is equally vital. Many people believe success is all about the grind, however most business problems are personal problems in disguise.  Learning how and when to integrate mindset and skillset will be a game breaker for you.
  • Prepared and focused.  The more you come with clear questions, concerns and goals the faster we can get you results.  Completed “homework” with defined insights you learned is always helpful.
  • Share your honest struggles.  It’s very difficult to grow if we’re not on the same page.  Never shy away if you feel the workload to be unreasonable for your position or lifestyle.  It’s highly important for you to be fair and kind to yourself in setting expectations.

“A motivator. Many people say they are passionate about their careers, but with Brandon you can feel his passion. It radiates from him in every team meeting, every coaching session, everyday. He is consistent and effective. Being with Brandon has been an eye-opening and inspirational experience. Not only has he offered himself as an invaluable mentor and coach, but also as a good friend. He truly embodies the lifestyle ” do what you love and love what you do”. Brandon has a wealth of knowledge because he loves to dive into new ventures to improve existing or formulate new services. Working with him is always refreshing and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to connect with him for a business venture or coaching service.”

Jeanna Glick, District Dietitian Healthcare Services Group Inc.

When you hire me, you can expect me to be a trusted advisor, partnering with you to excel.  I will always shoot you straight and push you to have a blatant disrespect for the status quo .  Consistently grow your business or get left behind.  It doesn’t matter your role or industry, in today’s hyper-competitive, globally connected world, if you want to stand out you can’t just be “keeping up” or you’ll may soon be obsolete.  I won’t let that happen.

It starts with simply understanding what it takes to grow your business in the new global marketplace.  With my coaching and consulting you gain proven strategies for advanced leadership or entrepreneurship, personal growth, productivity and human performance, and innovative branding and marketing. Build a business you love, deliver powerful impact and live the life you dreamed.

My Coaching and Consulting is designed to help you ramp up your happiness and productivity, grow your business with less stress and overwhelm and increase freedom and fulfillment. Discover proven, inspirational and educational tips, tools, tactics and training that will help you pioneer a business of impact or live a life of purpose.  Master the process to grow your business, serve others and make the difference you truly want.

Choose the format and focus area that fit you best:

  • Life Coaching and Personal Growth
  • High performance Coaching and Productivity
  • Business Coaching and Entrepreneurship
  • Executive Coaching and Leadership

Regardless of your needs, I am prepared to analyze your unique characteristics and provide you with a strategic plan that is focused at elevating your personal growth, daily performance and achieve results.

“I’m a 35 year old serial entrepreneur & I’m always looking to get an edge. Then I met Brandon, learned of his high performance programs and within the first two weeks of working together he had identified my needs. Through a series of lifestyle tweaks, some education, and weekly guidance I slept better, woke up more energized, decreased stress, increased daily productivity, and generally felt better. After only five weeks my mind and body had completely flipped, I shed over 20 lbs of fat, felt truly inspired and was excited for the next steps of high performance. Brandon’s knowledge, caring and professionalism have taken me to the next level and I highly recommend his programs and services.”

Marty Bhatia, Owner Digital Ninja Consulting

Coaching Options to Grow Your Business

One-on-One Private Coaching

CoachingI accept a limited number of private coaching clients. These clients work one-on-one with me on a predetermined regular schedule (ie. bi-weekly, weekly, monthly), and have unlimited access to me via email or any additional special arrangements determined.

This is intense, outcome-focused work. I encourage you not to consider this coaching method unless you are ready to dive deep into your belief systems, consider all options and opportunities for personal and professional growth, and give your full devotion and energy to your success.

The momentum building option – I do not accept clients who are not willing to commit themselves for a minimum of 90 days.  It includes session discussions, e-mail access, homework and results.

If you feel you are ready to discuss your options and objectives with me, please contact me here and I will contact you within one business day to schedule our initial conversation.

Driven, compassionate, creative…human. Brandon is an incredible leader, entrepreneur and advocate for changing how business is done. Since our first Mastermind meeting, Brandon continues to be an inspiration to me. A whiz at strategy while keeping humanity at the forefront of every interaction. I’m always stoked when Brandon and I have the opportunity to co-create. Thanks Brandon for shifting the needle in a positive direction.”

Anthony Ware, President and Chief Catalyst Zen Doughboy

Mastermind Group

Groups are focused on the same as one-on-one, but adding the power of group synergy to propel you forward. These groups provide consistent feedback, insight and confidence, supported by my coaching and the input and accountability of other group members.

This is your solution if you:

  • Hear yourself saying “Being an entrepreneur is lonely and I’m tired of working on my own.”
  • Hear yourself saying “I never know which ideas are good and which ones I should scrap. I need to bounce them around and get some qualified feedback.”
  • Hear yourself saying “I don’t know where to start finding the resources I need to grow my business.”
  • Hear yourself saying “I know I need to make a plan and work it, but I’m not sure what that plan should be.”

I limit these groups to six to twelve entrepreneurs and I screen all applicants. So you are always getting focused time and attention from me and working with other energized and committed entrepreneurs.
We combine group and private phone calls, email and IM chat, with group accountability, ideation, hot seat exercises and guided goal setting and action planning.

If you are ambitious, excited and committed to growing your business, being a successful entrepreneur (or you have the entrepreneurial mindset of owning your career, your outcomes and how you make an impact in the world,) and you don’t want to do it alone, this is your opportunity.  Contact me here and I will reply to you within two business days to schedule our first conversation.

Speaking and Programs

If you don’t feel ready to take the leap into coaching just yet, you can choose from the different topics I offer for speaking and programs.  Click the links to refresh yourself with these learning opportunities.


I recognize that every one of my clients is unique. Each of you has unique gifts, challenges, preferences and styles. So if, none of the above serve you, yet you still want to engage me for specific needs and aspirations I encourage you to have a conversation with me about a consulting approach.

If you desire accelerated success and want progress faster, you may want to choose consulting. These customized packages are designed to help you grow, change and transform faster.  Contact me here if this resonates with you best.