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Are You Ready To Experience Powerful Brand Clarity?


6 Step Training To Help You Confidently Build A Brand and Become an Industry Authority.

The way business is being done is rapidly changing. I hear stories of stress and overwhelm that confirm it whenever I talk with entrepreneurs, business owners, and other bold leaders. The old methods for brand building, design, marketing, and customer service, just aren’t simply working in today’s busy business marketplace.

Thankfully, there’s a clear way to stand up, stand out and stand firm against the competition—and you’re invited to learn the building blocks of a bold & sustainable brand. In my new Bold Brand Landscape training, I’ll be revealing the steps to help you clearly identify keys to being unforgettable while unleashing your true brand potential!

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The Bold Brand Landscape training walks you through the 6 steps to clearly and confidently build a brand that lasts. If you’re looking for a sustainable way become unforgettable, level up your business and create enduring value, this training will help you.

What Can You Expect to Experience

Here’s some of what you’ll be exploring inside:

  • We’ll talk about discovering the most overlooked, yet most influential part of brand clarity.
  • We’ll talk about how you decide who will (and who won’t) elevate your business.
  • We’ll share how to continue to improve and sustain as a top-notch, relevant authority for years.

But this only a bit of the abundance shared. Over the course of the ten email course, The Bold Brand Landscape covers everything from your purpose to your legacy, positioning, brand awareness, story, and more. Here are the 6 steps that each include subcategories that you’ll learn:

  • Discovery – a lesson on how unique and special your brand can be.
  • Alignment– a lesson on how to integrate and align your solutions.
  • Position – a lesson on determining your unique qualities to make the most impact.
  • Bridge – a lesson on making your brand come alive.
  • Experience – a lesson on leaving your mark on your customer’s heart.
  • Innovation – a lesson on being relevant and valuable year after year.

This learning will transform way you see, think and take action in your business. How can you join and experience powerful brand clarity?

Getting This Training Is Simple

To explore these informative lessons, all you need to do is join The Bold Brand Landscape training here, it’s completely free and conveniently online.

Read and study when and where you want. Since the training is email based, you don’t have to worry about specific day, time or travel. I’ll send you the training periodically in order with time in between each training to absorb and reflect on the information. Easy, free, and tremendously valuable!

But don’t wait. The Bold Brand Landscape training has become increasingly popular and I don’t want you to get left behind. Also, we’re consistently bringing out new things and I can’t guarantee this high-impact training won’t go away soon.

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2 Brand Building Strategies to Increase Credibility


The right marketing tools will land you high dividends not only in profits, but in visibility and credibility. Finding brand building strategies that work for you in your business separate you from other experts and growing businesses. The faster and more consistently you pinpoint these the better, but where do we start and which methods are best?

There’s no perfect strategy or ideal tool for increasing leads and landing new customers. Remember, the market is ever-changing and adaptability is the name of the game as an emerging entrepreneur. Every market and each business has different dynamics to consider for gaining traction.

Nearly all variables come down to your ability to align your expertise, systems and solutions to your clients present needs and future desires. If you can find multiple methods for seamlessly integrating your customer’s problems with simple, effective solutions your business will steadily rise above others.

Writing for Brand Building

Blogs– Sharing valuable tips, tools and tactics consistently is the best way to grow your influence. Blogging is one way to build your authority, share your expertise and help others overcome problems. Each time your audience achieves a goal or simply feels a sense of progression you build a bridge of trust with them.

Posting regularly deepen your relationship by being the reliable expert with great stuff. Your consistency and their confidence in you brings a steady stream of traffic to your website, increase social shares, and acquires higher quality backlinks.  All of these improve your site SEO, moving you past thousands of competitors with boring, static pages.

Customers looking to hire industry and subject matter experts instantly head to search engines. Recent data shows 16+ blogs a month generates 3x more traffic than those posting 1-4 per month.  If you’re not much of a writer, consistency is the initial key and I recommend starting with a modest goal of blogging weekly and progress from there.

Publication Articles– Much like blogging, however you’re writing to serve the audience of an outside publication. Look both locally and online for places you know you can bring value to. Most importantly, choose publications that align with your values and target audience.

Look into newspapers, industry specific magazines and major publications. “Getting in” as a contributing writer can boost your credibility, increase traffic to your site (where you have plenty of great blogs to read) and land you some new targeted customers.

Research, write and submit an article that fits the desired publications style, guidelines and is helpful for their audience members and you may be calling yourself a writer soon.

Books– Arguably the most effective brand building tool is a published book. Becoming an author does take considerably more time and effort than blogging or writing articles, however with the rise of technology and self-publishing it’s easier than ever to access the needed resources.

Once published, as long as your book is up-to-date and relevant, you can leverage it in your business forever. Use your book to gain attention and interest on the front end promotion of a webinar, include it as a bonus within a new product package or sell it on the backend of any speaking engagement.

Don’t start writing until you decide a publishing method as each has it’s pros and cons. Once you pick whether traditional, hybrid or self publishing fits your business strategy, complete your book and leveraging it for both a credibility boost and revenue generation.

Speaking for Brand Building

Vlog– The video version of a blog is a great place to start if you’re good in front of a camera. Consider your audience preferences before you start shooting. If your audience absolutely loves reading then video may be part of your content mix, but not a primary strategy.

Video will help your audience not only learn from your knowledge, but they’ll have the opportunity to connect with you as a person. Video allows them to see if you’re the type of person they want to engage with, follow and later work with. If you’re not much of a writer or blogger you can record yourself speaking on a topic to help clearly share your message in writing.

Take some time to think about how you want to reveal yourself to the world. Decide your image, value and presence on camera. Most importantly, define how you want to serve the audience, the values and beliefs you stand for and what people can expect from you. Learn more about video and you will attract people to engaged in your content.

Speaking/Keynote– If you’re a credible expert and entertaining then speaking is powerful in expanding your brand influence. Being a speaker provides you the opportunity to share your message to the masses or instantly impact small, influential groups. This is especially effective if you have a distinct system or methodology you provide via product or service.

Speaking allows you to not only connect with people on a person level like video, but they get to experience you live. This kills any thoughts of how rehearsed, edited or phony (for the haters) others may think you are on video. If you have great stage presence, good with your voice and diction and come well prepared you can land high paying keynote spots; great for revenue and credibility boosting.

Overcome stage fright, know your stuff and avoid being a perfectionist and this strategy is prime to grow your brand. Practice by speaking anywhere and everywhere there is the opportunity to share with your audience. Raise your speaking game well enough and you earn opportunities influence the masses of the biggest companies and share the stage with top experts.

Audio– Audio may not sound like a speaking strategy, but ultimately it’s you sharing your knowledge behind a microphone. Audio options are great strategic tools for those who feel uncomfortable with video or writing. Live or recorded content is a great way to share and connect with your audience or subscriber list as you build your writing and on camera skills.

Create a plan and a schedule for an audio version of a blog to share insights and industry trends. Utilize teleseminars or screen cast webinars as a great way to offer value for free or as a revenue source. Lastly, you can do podcasts (as the host or a guest) to interview, learn and connect with other subject matter experts. This is a great way to find strategic partners.

To build a powerful brand it’s important to nail down several effective strategies for building credibility and influence. Although, these aren’t the only methods, it’s these two strategic staples that have stood the test of time for growing businesses.

Use them consistently and strategically for everything your brand needs to grow. Gain high impact with quick and relative ease from online video and publication articles. Or you can enjoy the long term effect and credibility explosion of putting considerably more work into books and keynote speaking.

Which of the brand building tools could benefit you most this year? You can start or join the conversation by leaving a comment below.